Virtual Classroom Solutions by YeTeach

YeTeach provides cross-platform technology for virtual classrooms.



In PreLive, the teacher pre-records a lesson and it is played at an assigned time where a host is present. This has the advantages of Live lessons as the students can interact effortlessly with the teacher via Q/A plus it has the conveniences of Pre-recorded lessons as they can be re-used.


In PreLive, the students can ask questions to the host and the host can answer in text or audio form. This interaction can happen anytime during the session.


YeTeach automatically manages attendance for you and they can instantly be copied to your documents. There is no need for a manual roll call.

The attendance feature can also be integrated with your server-side programs.

Easy to connect

Your students can access from most devices with an internet connection, such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and most other devices with a web browser such as smart TVs. No download is ever required for your students.


PreLive can be integrated easily with your server. You can link your own login system from your website and receive server-side notifications when a student logs in and completes a session.


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